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Blessing Okoro, a Nigerian social media influencer and relationship expert better known by her stage name Blessing CEO, has her admirers responding when she posts a picture of what she refers to as her “old physique.”

Remember how Blessing CEO garnered media attention a few months ago when she disclosed that she had cosmetic surgery to improve some aspects of her body? She began referring to her pre-surgery appearance as having her “old body” after having her cosmetic enhancement.

She said that she was impoverished because she cared about what other people thought of her while posting the image on her Facebook page, but that she started paying her expenses once she stopped caring.

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Her caption reads;

“When I use to care about what people say or think about me, I was so poor and ignorant. But when I stopped caring I started paying my bills and even paying their own. Noise everywhere but if I make my own then go dey lie say them lock me for panti.

Ps, this is my old body oooo, wait for new body.”

Her upload was followed by mixed reactions as Nigerians aired different opinion on the photo, see people’s reactions

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