“Wonder Will Never Cease To Exit “Police Officers Disrupt and Arrest G#Y Wedding In Kano

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According to a BBC story, the police in Kano state, Nigeria, stormed a gay marriage ceremony as a result of a tip, which was confirmed by the spokesman, Lawal Ibrahim Fagge.

The pair, who had not yet exchanged vows, managed to escape, and the police were looking for them, the official added.

The Hisbah, a well-known Islamic police agency in Kano, upholds a rigid moral code

19 Muslims were detained by the Islamic police after they were accused of attending a gay couple’s wedding.

With a predominance of Muslims, Kano has both a secular legal system and an Islamic one.

The 15 male and 4 female wedding guests who were detained during the raid on Sunday were not going to be punished, according to Mr. Fagge, who told the BBC that “Kano’s Islamic courts have never convicted anyone for being gay.”

He also mentioned how the 18 guests from a similar wedding ceremony from the previous year had been freed after signing a form stating that they would “alter their lifestyle.”

He claimed that the recently detained group, which included cross-dressers and gay persons, was receiving “counselling,” and their guardians or parents had been invited to come forward.

Before filing a lawsuit against them, we’ll look into possible changes.
The Hisbah representative stated, “First, we advise them, include the parents, and hope they modify their lifestyle.

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