Woman shows off the dress she’s wearing to her friend’s wedding – but everyone’s saying the same thing

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A WOMAN has sparked controversy after showing off the WHITE dress she wore to her friend’s wedding. Lacey-Jade Christie took to TikTok to show her wedding “fit” in a video.

The dress is from PrettyLittleThing, the shoes are ASOS, I’m pretty sure the bag is from ASOS too,” she said of her plunging white dress, lime green heels and pink bag.

She had also added a large pink ring, and a floral headband from Shein.

However, while Lacey-Jade was clearly thrilled with her look, others weren’t quite as convinced that her white dress was appropriate to wear to someone else’s wedding.

“White?” one person wrote.

“No you don’t wear white to a wedding only the bride,” another added.

But Lacey-Jane hit back: “It’s an outdated rule

“I know the brides, they loved the outfit and it was perfect for the occasion.”

“It’s beautiful but I don’t really think it’s appropriate for a wedding,” someone else commented.

As another wrote: “never wear white to wedding unless you’re the bride!”

And Lacey-Jane once again responded: “The brides didn’t wear white.”

“Never wear white to a wedding or something too revealing!” someone else insisted.

While another person commented: “No no no on all levels sorry.”

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