Wizkid response to a female fan who asked to go home with him

In a recent event where the popular singer Wizkid, also known as Ayo Balogun, made an appearance, he caused a stir at the event after being asked out by a fan.
A video of the incident quickly went viral on Twitter.

During his performance, while singing one of his favorite songs, a fan near the stage expressed her love for the singer. In a heartwarming response, Wizkid told her that he loves her too.

As he was about to resume his performance, a lady, whose face was not captured in the video, said something to Wizkid. He repeated her words aloud, asking if she was saying she wanted to go home with him.

The lady confirmed this, but Wizkid politely turned her down, explaining that it might not be possible tonight or perhaps even tomorrow. He mentioned that he already had two of his girlfriends accompanying him whom he would be taking home.




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