Why Will You Prank A Soldier For Goodness Sake” – Prankster Recieve Beating Of His Life For Removing Army officer’s hat For prank video

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A social media video depicts the moment a practical joker decided to target a soldier for his prank.

When the military officer stood by a bus stop, the video creator approached him from behind and asked him to take off his hat.

He quickly retreated, went after the jokester, and began pounding him till he collapsed to the ground. The man continued to touch the joker while lying down and claimed that it was a hoax.

When the soldier saw the filming cameraman, who had been pointed out by the prankster, he charged at him angrily and likely beat him as well.

Married Alhaja Slap Prankster For Demanding Hook Up. Recalled That A married woman got upset after a man walked up and tried to ask her out. In a video trending online, the man identified as Deehans approached her to request her number. She politely declined and informed him that she was happily married. However, her response didn’t matter to the young man as he went ahead to ask her for a hook-up.

This enraged the beautiful woman, who landed him a hot slap. She then stood at the gate and called her husband’s attention, and he rushed out immediately.

At this point, the young man explained to the couple that it was just a prank, but they warned him sternly never to cross their path.

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