Why I Refused To Collaborate With Davido in 2019

Why I Refused To Collaborate With Davido in 2019

Tochukwu Ojogwu, also known as Odumodublvck, a Nigerian rapper, has stated that he rejected down an offer from his management to collaborate with Afrobeats artist, Davido.

During a recent CTRL Room interview, the rapper remarked.

He claimed that his team wanted him to meet Davido in 2019 in order for him to become renowned, but he refused.

Instead, he claimed he gravitated toward UK grime musicians whose genre matched his vision.

Odumodublvck said, “In 2019, someone [in my team] said we should go to Lagos and meet Davido. But I was like, ‘What will Davido do for me? Even if Davido takes me to America and puts me on stage and I’m rapping my stuff, his fans won’t understand because they are afrobeats fans.’

“But these guys: Teezee, BOJ, and Sholz, are the pipeline to the UK market. And those are the closest guys I sound like internationally. So why don’t I follow that route to get to wherever I want to get to?’

“I was like, I don’t need Davido for anything now. Let me follow people that align with my vision. And that was how we just came together and we’re here now. Number one in the country against all odds. Tell them, they’ve to respect that thing. Because we went for an award show and we didn’t even have seats. They don’t respect hip-hop in Nigeria. They don’t respect us.”

Furthermore, the Declan Rice’ vocalist stated that Nigerians do not respect the hip-hop genre or its artists.

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Odumodublvck said that as a poor musician, organisers refused to provide him seats at award ceremonies.

He, however, admitted that he conceded to Wizkid’s controversial statement that “hip-hop is dead”, stressing “I was tremendously happy about Wizkid’s statement… Hip-Hop was dead.”


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