Which teams have qualified for Qatar World Cup 2022

Arsenalinterest.com is giving an update about teams that qualified for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Qatar qualified as the first team for the 2022 World Cup as that slot had to be given to the host Nation that won the bid to stage the tournament and other teams follows, like Germany, Denmark, Brazil, Belgium and others that top their respective groups.

Most of them qualified last year by toping their groups while some of them had to play in the playoff matches to determine who qualifies this March, 2022.

Teams like Italy that is the current European Champion and some African giants such as Algeria that is also the current African Champion, Egypt and the Super Eagle of Nigeria all disappointed their fan in their respective Countries.

Super Eagle of Nigeria most especially did make their fans happy at all as there was dramatic fight/bad reaction at the Abuja National Stadium because of their failure to defeat Ghana that happens to be their major rival in the West African Region as they drew 1-1 at home.

The Super Eagles of Nigeria are blessed with a lot of talented individuals that even plays in Europe but they were unable to deliver.

Nigerian Football Association had to come out and plead with the fans this morning.


Thirty two teams are going to be participating in the world cup tournament in Qatar 2022 but the above list is just twenty nine, three more teams are yet to be determined since there are still more matches to be played.

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Playoff Matches Remaining

Wales vs. Scotland or Ukraine in Europe will be played by June.

Australia or UAE vs. Peru to be determined as well but it is going to be intercontinental which is Asia / S. America and the playoff will be by June.

Costa Rica vs. New Zealand is another intercontinental playoff that will take place by June as well, N. America / Oceania.

This tournament is a major one in the world that all professional footballer wants to play in at a point in their career, it is surely going to be interesting as we expect to see the finals.

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