‘When They Leaked Her S3x Video, They Thought It Was Going To End Her Career’

A Nigerian cyber security expert based in South Africa, Charles Awuzie has shared his thoughts on the British monarch’s invitation to award-winning Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage to perform at the historical coronation ceremony of King Charles III.

Awuzie noted that despite Savage embattled past, her reputation still remains unsoiled before the monarchy.

Naija News reports that the Afrobeats star is the first Nigerian artiste to receive an invitation to perform at a foreign royal coronation ceremony.

Speaking via Facebook, Awuzie advised people to shun what others think about them instead they should focus on building value.

He wrote, “When they leaked her s£x tape, a lot of people thought it was her end. She has been blackmailed by those around her and recently was almost kidnapped.

“#TiwaSavage is Queen of afrobeats – your possession of her nudes doesn’t affect her value to kings.

“The non-religious world does not judge petty scandals – it looks for value in your talent, skills and influence.

“Stop worrying about what people say or think about you – focus on building value.

“That same Tiwa whose s£x video is hiding in your phone is valued by Kings. You see her nudes, they see her greatness. Unfortunately, what you think about her doesn’t change her value. What you think about me doesn’t change my value and what anyone thinks about you, doesn’t change your value. Just have value.”

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