Video that proved Mohbad has predicted his own dæth earlier before he was declared gone

Looking at what happened to the late young talented rapper and singer Mohbad when he was very much alive, he was actually passing out some information that people didn’t take too seriously.

Mohbad was accused of not speaking up during the time of his troubles, where as he was loud and clear.

But most things became clearer after his death and so many people cried and felt sorry just because they didn’t just get his message.

He was beaten up by thugs, bullied severely and denied many opportunities while he was mainly struggling to stay alive and just enjoy his music career just has in the video below.

Mohbad was said to have predicted his own death in a video he uploaded on his Instagram account.

On the 9th of December 2022 he uploaded a video on his Instagram account where he was seen lying on the ground lifeless on the grass with his heart on his palm after he was beaten up by some set of guys in his apartment.

It was just after his dæth people trace back this video and started dropping comment and feeling sorry that they didn’t understand the video at all.

These are people’s reaction to the video 👇👇👇

See the video below 👇⬇️⬇️

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