(Video) Please Take it easy on People Husband In Nigeria”- Reactions As Korra Obidi Whine Her Waist In Popular Club In Abuja

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Popular Nigerian dancer and singer Korra Obidi, who resides in the UK, sparked comments from her followers after posting a video of herself showcasing some sophisticated dance techniques on social media.

Korra Obidi shared the footage of her dance demonstration on her Facebook and Instagram sites. The mother of two dazzled her followers with her dance routines in the brief video while wearing a white bikini.

The UK-based dancer gained notoriety after a contentious split from her partner Justin Dean shortly after giving birth to her second child. During their separation, the couple both turned to their social media profiles and threw open cans of worms about the other.

After her new video appeared online, her followers reacted to it in different ways. Nobody can dispute that Korra dances better than anyone else, according to Pam Pudntane, a Facebook member. Such elegance and splendor! You are stunning even without makeup or hair extensions. Haters, she can’t help it; she simply is.

Nwatoka Nwoha, a different admirer, remarked, “At least the items she wore are neat, and her figure too.” I’m going to commend her for it. She’s unwinding by the pool. Well done, she.

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