Up-and-coming Nigerian artist Trod “I’m not aware of Dagrin’s music royalties”

Up-and-coming Nigerian artist Trod, the brother of late rapper Dagrin, took to Twitter to refute claims that he has been siphoning royalties from his brother’s music.

Dagrin tragically passed away in an auto accident over 13 years ago, on April 22, 2010.

I'm unaware of Dagrin's music royalties
A photo of Trod, Dagrin’s brother, calling out those receiving his brother’s music royalties since his death. Photo Credit: @anewiki Source: google

Trod’s response on social media came after accusations arose suggesting that he was secretly benefiting from the proceeds of Dagrin’s songs while their family struggled.

The allegations gained further traction following a recent video in which the mother of Trod and Dagrin appealed to Nigerians for assistance.

In response to the mounting speculation, Trod explicitly stated on Twitter that he has no knowledge of any royalties associated with Dagrin’s music.

He openly challenged anyone who had been receiving royalties since 2010 to come forward and make themselves known.

He wrote;

I dunno shiit about Grins Royalties… The person who has been getting paid for 13 years should come out. DMCE whatever?”

The claims of Trod benefiting from his late brother’s royalties have sparked controversy and raised concerns about the fair distribution of proceeds generated by Dagrin’s music.

The late rapper, known for his contributions to the Nigerian hip-hop scene, left behind a significant body of work that continues to resonate with fans.

It is worth noting that Trod, an up-and-coming singer himself, has denied any involvement in the financial aspects of his brother’s music.

His assertion that he is unaware of the royalties echoes the frustration expressed by fans and concerned individuals who believe that the funds should be rightfully allocated to support Dagrin’s family.

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As of now, no concrete evidence has been presented to substantiate the claims of Trod receiving royalties.

See below;

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