Uche Ebere questioned Tacha over response to troll regarding her age

Nollywood actress, Uche Ebere, has addressed reality TV star, Tacha regarding her response to a troll who questioned her age.

Uche Ebere

The TV star had posted on social media, referring to herself as a “23-year-old baddie.”
However, a user with the handle @MrVistogi replied with a derogatory comment, saying, “We know what 23-year-olds look like in Nigeria. Stop clowning.” Tacha

In response to the comment, Tacha wrote, “You wish your mom was this sweet in her 20s!!! Keep crying.”
Uche Ebere was displeased with Tacha’s response and decided to address her publicly, saying:
“Mannerless, uncultured and full of anger to compare yourself and your age to a mother that has gotten adult children, the gap is too far, except you’re upto the same age with the said mother.
“Direct your anger to the person that hurt you, and not to the mother if you really want to be a mother in future, meanwhile it doesn’t worth [email protected] for your age if truly you’re really the said age, clear conscience fears no accusations, you pass”
See the post below:

Uche Ebere tackles Tacha over response to a troll regarding her age

Uche Ebere tackles Tacha over response to a troll regarding her age

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