Top 10 best car insurance companies in Belgium in 2023

Top 10 best car insurance companies in Belgium in 2023

The best vehicle insurers should be reasonable and economical, especially in Belgium, where motor insurance is mandated by law. In our last piece, we looked at the top 10 insurers in Belgium. This post will look at the top 10 car insurance companies in Belgium for 2022.

First and foremost, vehicle insurance is mandatory in Belgium, as is insurance coverage for all drivers. In Belgium, however, coverage costs between €50 and €150 per year.

AG Insurance is now Belgium’s largest insurance company, providing both life and non-life insurance, as well as motor insurance and supplemental pensions. It is the best insurance company in Belgium, with a market share of roughly 22% as of 2022.

The second necessary insurance policy in Belgium is motor insurance. As a result, clients have a large selection from which to pick, based on their choice of the best auto insurance provider.
Before purchasing auto insurance in Belgium, a number of variables should be considered. Examples include coverage and exclusion, firm status, claims procedures, dividends, compensations, and the insurer’s ethical merits.

Which is the leading car insurance company in Belgium?

Currently, AXA Car Insurance, KBC Car Insurance, ING, AG, and Ethias Car Insurance Company are the finest auto insurers in Belgium.

Most affordable car insurance Belgium 2022

Cardoen Insurance Company is the most affordable and inexpensive auto insurance provider in Belgium, with extensive coverage options.

Average cost of car insurance Belgium

The current annual average cost of automobile insurance in Belgium in 2022 is $1,182. Regardless, a number of factors affect the price of auto insurance in Belgium. For instance, the driver’s age, credit score, and driving offenses.

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Based on our findings, we compiled a list of the most reputable auto insurers in Belgium in terms of premiums and insurance rates. In summary, listed below are the top 10 auto insurance providers in Belgium for the year 2022.

Top 10 best car insurance companies in Belgium 2022
  1. Ethias car insurance Belgium.
  2. ING Car Insurance Belgium. It’s the second-best car Insurance company in Belgium in 2022 today.
  3. KBC Insurance Company, Belgium.
  4. AG Insurance, Belgium.
  5. Cardoen Insurance Company, Belgium.
  6. AXA Car Insurance Belgium.
  7. Allianz insurance company, Belgium.
  8. DVV Insurance Company, Belgium.
  9. Touring assurances, Belgium. And finally on the list of the best car insurance companies in Belgium in 2022,
  10. Mobly car insurance company in Belgium.


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