Tomiyasu red card analysis: Is officiating not just fair to Arsenal in EPL or they’re just always unlucky

We clearly saw last season that Arsenal lost at least 10 points which denied them the title eventually due to poor officiating like disallowing their goals, denying them penalties and forgetting to draw the offside line, just to mention few.

PGMOL apologized to them without returning their points, are there certain intention about this consistent happening?

Let’s look at what happens on Monday night between Tomiyasu and Ayew

It appears referee David Coote may have made another huge mistake on top of harshly sending Takehiro Tomiyasu off in the most recent Arsenal game.

The match between Arsenal and Crystal Palace on Monday night which was the first away match of the new Premier League season for the Gunners.

Arsenal struggled to win 0-1 due to the red card issued to Tomiyasu.

It could have perhaps been a more comfortable win for Mikel Arteta and co, however, had the refereeing been a little more favourable from an Arsenal point of view.

After all, left-back on the day Tomiyasu picked up two yellow cards in the second half which both seemed to be for pretty minimum offences as his dismissal looked to be quite unjust.

He was first booked for time-wasting. Although, statistician Scott Willis pointed out that before conceding, Crystal Palace had throw-ins that took 27, 25, 22, and 22 seconds. And yet it was the Japan international who was punished for being partially involved when Arsenal’s throw-in took 24 seconds to be taken – according to Sky via afcstuff), Tomiyasu held onto the ball for just eight of those seconds before being booked.

As for his second yellow, it appeared as though next to no contact was made with Jordan Ayew and yet referee Coote deemed it sufficient enough to warrant the consequential red card.

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Of course, this is questionable enough. But to make things worse, footage shared on the game on Twitter reveals that the Palace winger – who was also already on a yellow card – made a worse foul on Bukayo Saka and still wasn’t sent off for a second bookable offence.

Charles Watts View on sending Tomiyasu off against Crystal Palace.

This sort of inconsistency was noted by a number of journalists and football writers online. For instance, Charles Watts wrote: “That’s so harsh [on Tomiyasu] for a second yellow. There is no shirt tug. Especially as Ayew just got away with a similar foul having already been booked.”

He later added: “The more you watch the clips of Ayew’s foul which didn’t get a yellow and Tomiyasu’s which did, the crazier the decision to send Tomi off becomes. The inconsistency is incredible.”

Writer for Aaron Catterson-Reid added: “My issue with that is Ayew had a yellow then held Saka’s shirt for the foul. But no second yellow was given. Consistency just doesn’t exist.”

What Mikel Arteta had to say about the red card given to Tomiyasu.

After the game was finished, manager Arteta was understandably annoyed but managed to bite his tongue, telling the press: “I prefer not to make comments because for me it’s so obvious.”

All in all, it’s not hard to see why many have been left baffled by the level of officiating in this game and after Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana avoided punishment for his wild challenge against Wolves on the opening weekend, it hasn’t exactly been the best start to the seasons from the PGMOL.

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