Toke Makinwa & followers disagree on Twitter over body shape

Toke Makinwa, a popular Nigerian celebrity, recently responded to a lady’s comment about her body on social media.

The lady, known as Ayo, had initially taken to her own page to offer advice to Toke Makinwa, expressing her hope that the celebrity would overcome whatever she was going through because Ayo believed her body had done nothing but distract her.

Toke Makinwa

Ayo’s statement was prompted by Toke Makinwa’s decision to undergo a Brazilian butt lift surgery, which had altered her appearance.

In response, Toke Makinwa questioned why Ayo made such sensitive statements or posted about her as if she knew her personally.

However, Ayo replied by assuring Toke Makinwa that she would continue to pray for her because she believed that God was with her.

Toke Makinwa dismissed Ayo’s prayers, advising her to save them for her own family members who may be in need.

Furthermore, Toke Makinwa expressed amusement at how many people were so invested in her body, emphasizing that they could never possess it, taste it, or ride it.

Read conversation below:

Ayo: “I hope toke makinwa makes it through whatever she’s going through. This her BBL fails ain’t ordinary, she’s using it to distract herself.”

Toke Makinwa: “it’s how you type as if you know me personally or are invested in my life for me. Amen”


Ayo: “God’s got you, I won’t stop praying for you”

Toke Makinwa: “You better save the prayers for the members of your family that need it. I’m good love.”


Babajide “I am sure this is for those dying to taste you cos they see you as someone they can buy with a price tag.Ponder on this!!!!”

Toke Makinwa: “You are clearly no where close to the tax bracket for this conversation, you go ponder on that.


Royal: “We don’t want it cos it’s doctor’s body . The yansh parts go soon fall down”

Toke Makinwa: “Why protest what wasn’t given to you? It just shows whoever raised you did a poor job cos if this isn’t madness, I don’t know what it is. Rest!!!!!”


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