Tobi Bakre tailed about how fatherhood has changed him and talks about meeting his wife, Anu

Nollywood actor, Tobi Bakre, who starred in “Gangs of Lagos, spoke about fatherhood and his relationship with his wife Anu.

Tobi Bakre and family

In a recent episode of the “Tea with Tay” podcast, Bakre said being a father has made him a better person and he strives to set a good example for his child.

“There has not been any time I have done anyone dirty or bad intentionally. I don’t hate anybody. With every chance I get, I love people,” he said.

“This is how I advise everyone to be. Now that I am a father, I take note of these things. I look at it that for that boy growing up, I am his first example. So, what kind of man do I want the boy to be?

“Even beyond being the person I am. I strive to be a better person.

Fatherhood is one of the best experiences in the world. It is like every day he wakes up, there is just something exciting. Whether he is learning to say something new or he is walking.”

Speaking about how he met his wife, Tobi said:

“Our first meeting was at a time when Toke and Ebuka were hosting a show for Toolz and Gbemi. And after that, we did a hangout.

“They were guests on the show. So we just happen to be entering almost at the same time. After that, we were leaving about the same time and it was more like ‘Do you guys wanna hang out’? Ok, let’s go hang out’. You know, Covid year came and the rest is history.”

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