Tobi Bakre adores daughter’s beauty saying, you are too fine 

Tobi Bakre adores daughter’s beauty saying, you are too fine

Tobi Bakre, a reality TV celebrity and Nigerian actor, sparked debate by adoring his daughter’s gorgeous features, claiming that her beauty exceeds that of ten angels combined.

In a recent video, the caption: “I don wound o! Dem don wound me. My heart no dey my body again. Iya MK always getting the best moments,” the actor stood before his daughter.

Tobi Bakre adores daughter's beauty saying, you are too fine 
Reality TV star and Nigerian actor, Tobi Bakre.

He could be heard using phrases like “you’re too fine,’ ‘make 10 angels gather, you fine pass them,’ ‘you’re beautiful.”

His impassioned statements in the video instantly garnered notice when it was released, eliciting responses from a large number of people in the comment area.

Take a look at some of the reactions below:

hawt_mzberry: “Awwwwwwwww I love it. Side chicks and their dads do the most.”

blakeoffishall: “Let it not hungry you to go and have your own child , check price of things first.”

ifetayoibukun: “See me dey smile, so sweet.”

imoluwatoyinn: “You are making someone jealous already. Residential side chick.”

theperfumestores_backup: “Wahala for who no born girl oo. Hype Man daddy.”

__abbyvee: “All these daughters wey dey turn side chicks go just come dey collect man from their mama hand.”

amicare_beauty: “Men their girls ehn no put mouth at all na them be the main side chick, the thing they vex at time when you want to have Quality time with ur spouse, side chick will distract and their dad will.leave you jejely and concentrate on them till God’s knows when.”

dassyclassy: “Smiling like a sheep. if Dem hype me like this I fit forget to eat for 10 days.”

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