“They never see me coming” Asake’s December concert ticket fee causes uproar

Asake, who is currently riding the crest of the current wave in Nigeria’s music industry, has caused some consternation on Twitter after the publication of the ticket pricing for his upcoming show in Lagos during the month of December.

Asake december concert

The price of the standing ticket to the performance, which will take place on December 22 at the Eko Convention Center in Lagos State, is N70,000. This would allow the purchaser to enter the arena and maintain a standing position during the duration of the event.

According to the information that Kemi Filani has obtained, the price of a ticket to Asake’s next December concert, which is going to be called the “Mr. Money With Vibe Feat,” ranges from N70,000 for the normal category all the way up to N10 million for the VVIP category.

Tickets can be purchased for N4 million, N8 million, or N10 million, with the latter being the most expensive option for attending the VVIP session at the show.

Since then, tickets for the event have been made available for purchase; however, the high prices that have been charged for different areas of the venue for the concert have drawn the attention of a large number of internet users.

Asake’s concert ticket fee causes uproar

Fans are extremely outraged and have begun to publicly criticize him on Twitter. We have no doubt that Asake was completely blindsided by this development. The following are some of the responses received:

An individual by the name of Dr.Jy wrote: “If I stand to worship God for free, then I will pay $70,000 to stand and watch you sing.” I was wondering what size of rubber you smoked. 10, 25 or 50litres?’

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Paint Artist is quoted as saying, “Everyone is criticizing the price to watch a show!! You people aren’t even trying to see the silver lining here! The most straightforward method of laundering money!!! Awake, every one!!’

In a message that he sent out, Joshua Aroke said, “Except if you guys are trying to make this easy publicity and then review the price but if na final price then.” @asakemusik you are too proud, but it is not your fault; the people who want to pay seventy thousand dollars to stand are the ones who are the problem.

circle of life wrote: ‘He is overating himself at this point , his stage performance would be very bland and poor. Whichever way it is a lose lose for those that will attend.’

Comr. PHEMITH wrote: ‘Na we dey make things difficult for ourselves in this country and we do abuse politicians everyday.’

Yellow_Jnr wrote: ’70k to listen to music that have been played several times or 70k to watch him jumping up and down singing along…Mr Asake, your fans gat u!’

BOSUN wrote: ‘He dey compare himself to Burna Boy,Wizkid or Davido,even him master(Olamide)can’t try such thing.’

Ning JNR wrote: ‘I blame Nigerians that drool over these artists. Even if it’s Nas or Jay z performing, I’m not paying that ish, I would watch you on YouTube. Smh.’

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