“They Deliver 7k For Me, For Over One Month that Am Out Of Town” – Portable Sack Those Working In His Record Label Video

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In a video he published, Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable or Zazuu, explains why he drove the lads he signed as well as some other people who were working in his studio.

He expressed his dissatisfaction with them in a video posted on his Instagram page. He is spending more money because they are not producing any income. He claimed that even though he looks after them, buys them phones and laptops, even clothes and food, at the end of the day they don’t bring in any money for him.

The musician was shocked to learn that they had barely earned 7,000 naira over the course of a month and a few days. He expected to make at least $700,000 plus in a luxurious studio where he had invested a lot of money on the equipment, but ended up making that amount.

He bemoaned the fact that while other people he doesn’t work with become famous when he shares their songs online, the boys he signed and who are currently working in his studio do not. The musician is taking drastic measures to address it because it is bothering him.

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