They Are Misquoting Me Just Because I Am An African

Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has addressed reports claiming that he said black Americans do not have a culture.

Speaking in a recent interview with American media outlet, Complex, Burna Boy said he was misquoted.

According to the artiste, he aim to build bridges and unite the world.

He said people pushing the wrong narrative about him have their agenda.

Burna Boy said, “My mission is to bring us [the world] together. My mission is to build a bridge that can’t be broken, a bridge that should have always been there.

“People that said that [I alluded that Black Americans don’t have culture] have their own agenda.

“Coming back to the point of that I said black people have no culture or whatever. Does that even make sense? If you watched the video of the interview, if you can show me the part where I said black Americans don’t have culture. That is alll I need. If somebody can just show me that part.

“There is nothing I said that Malcolm X didn’t say. But obviously, it’s Burna Boy saying it and he is from Africa and it fits the agenda for your little group or whatever.”

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