There is nothing God can’t do” Dead final year student allegedly wakes up at the mortuary – video

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According to reports, a final-year student who was declared dead following an asthma attack this morning at 4 am was found alive in the mortuary.

According to reports, the student was not promptly treated to in the mortuary, and by noon, someone had noticed him shivering. Once it was established that he was still alive, oxygen was given to him right away.

The witness statement stated:

A final year student that died yesterday and was rushed to upth mortuary, just woke up now at the mortuary.

He’s an only child of the mom, was having asthma and passed out by 4:00 a.m. today. He was taken to the morgue but it wasn’t quickly attended to so by noon they saw someone shaking only for them to check and review he still had life in them.

Immediately oxygen was taken to him there and he was immediately wheeled into emergency ward everyone was filled with joy some crying it was really a great testimony all these departments meet few to the hospital. Witness report!”

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