The reason do female fans favor married male celebrities


Skales, a Nigerian rapper, has explained why female fans prefer male celebrities over their single counterparts.

He claimed that the way married men treat their partners makes single women yearn for things that they believe can only be provided by other people’s husbands.

Skales noticed that after getting married, female fans could no longer control their obsessive behavior toward male celebrities.

In an interview with Echo Room, the married singer stated that most women prefer “bad boys” and don’t care if a celebrity is married.

Why female fans prefer married male celebs- Skales

The host asked: “I have noticed this about male celebrities, once they get married there is this notion that they are not as attractive or available as before and so most female fans tend to stop supporting them. What do you think?”

Skales responded: “I think that is old school. There are a lot of married people that are doing great in the entertainment industry. I don’t think it’s about the marriage anymore. Now it’s about how the married celebrity is treating his woman. If he’s treating her well, ladies are going to appreciate him even more.

“I believe females in a way like bad boys. And all the females I know are like bad boys. All the females that are my friends are very calm but they like bad things. A bad boy does not necessarily mean he’s stressing you out. Bad boy is a guy who gats game. I’m still a bad boy despite being married.”

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