The Music Industry Is Dark and Very Dark, Experience Shared By Top Nigerian Artistes (Find out)

There are lots of things that is hidden and not know by so many people that love to be part of the music industry in Nigeria.

You have to work so hard to get the fame and riches but this requires paying heavy price for it and if you can’t cope, then there will be problem for you.

Here below are the experience extracted from what some of the known Nigerian artistes had gone through and are still going through.⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Hints From Different Artistes About There Experience In The Music Industry.

As a young artiste , before getting into music , know that the industry is Dark . It is not only about witchcraft or anything but we have industry Vultures that can end your career .
When Burna Boy said “ This Naija no know love “ he meant it .

You see Burna Boy ? He faced a lot in his ex record label . They frustrated him when he wanted to leave . The label spread crazy rumors about him , published terrible articles about him and even tagged him a muderer . Burna was frustrated , he had to leave Nigeria and went to Ghana , Burna met Shatta who welcomed him , showed him love and treated him like a brother . Burner stayed in Ghana till he picked up . When people say Shatta helped Burna boy , they are honest .

Kizz Daniel left G world wide and they wanted to cancel him . Kizz Daniel was being cheated in the label . He decided to leave and the people were not ready to let him go . They took everything he had even his name . At first he was called “ Kiss Daniel “ , they collected that name , he had to change his name to KIZZ DANIEL . Thank God Kizz is talented , he managed to restart his life .

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Remember Cynthia Morgan ? Where is she ? They cancelled her . Cynthia Morgan was extremely talented , after one song she was going viral , she had disagreements with her label , when she couldn’t accept what they were saying , they cancelled her .

Remember Harrysong ? The Reggae and Blues Crooner ? In a live interview he even revealed that his label wanted to kill him cus he did not accept some things they were bringing .

Are we even going to talk about Mohbad who just died because of record label wahala?

Wizkid , Chudy K and many others faced difficulties with their ex record labels too .
The truth is many young talents come into the industry innocent , when the dark powers confront them , some give up and some end up dying . Dear young artistes , don’t be desperate too , work and build up yourself . If a contract is presented to you , read and give it to an entertainment lawyer to read too . Make sure you understand everything before you sign . The industry is dark , we have people who can end your career and your life .

Be careful , it will be better to stay behind like Shatta and build on your own that build where you won’t get anything .

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