The Lagos Police Department provides an update on Mohbad’s autopsy results

After a lengthy wait, the Lagos State Police Department has finally provided an update on Mohbad’s autopsy results.

During a news conference, Lagos State Police Commissioner Idowu Owohunwa reported that an autopsy on Mohbad’s remains was performed on September 21.

Vital specimens were collected and sent to the Lagos State DNA and Forensic Centre for toxicological testing.

However, the police stated in a recent update that the complaints are still pending.

The police initiated a homicide inquiry in the aftermath of Mohbad’s death.

The singer’s body was unearthed in order to gather vital evidence and ascertain the cause of his untimely death.

As part of the continuing investigation, many suspects have been invited and detained.

Netizens have expressed their thoughts and speculated on the circumstances behind Mohbad’s death.

Many people are hopeful that the autopsy results will not be tampered with because of the delay.

@man.down001 commented: “Nigeria jaga jaga.”

@suntobo|25 said: “I pray mohbad get this justice, I don’t trust these police.”

@tksparkle said: “It’s obvious that they are stalling because they want to f@bricate the autopsy report. They also want us to lose interest in the case. ko joor! They know what they are doing, but God pass them. Walahi, if no be Gistlover Dem go don sweep this matter under the rug. We pin here mehn!”

@nkem_04 said: “Result is being awaited, why did they now say it’s the nurse that killed him???”

@evextrabyjooksybaby1 said: “Hmmmmm, a befitting burial is what the nation of Nigeria owes him now. Everything hidden to man is seen clearly by God.”

@soughtout112_ reacted: “What else will the autopsy than it was the injection given to him that killed, why will a celebrity be treated by an auxiliary nurse he doesn’t kow to come to his house and treat him…and the wife allows it to? chai.”

@ksolo_hitz reacted: “Autopsy has taken forever to come out. My mind is telling me this people will free Sam Larry and Naira cos they refuse to give more details about their involvement in the bullies of mohbad.”

@omoballer_ said: “Foul play, ögun go kill una, make una drop autopsy result eyin oloriburuku.”

@ceejen_interiors|td reacted; “They know what they are doing, if it’s a nobody now this case would have been over by now.! think they are threatening the people they are working for.That they will drag them along if they go down.”

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