The faulty aspect of parenting that Mohbad experienced


I chose to take my time to really understand what is happening regarding Mohbad’s death and it’s so painful that majority of us only listen to beats and sounds in music but never pay attention to the lyrics.

Lyrics is what makes the music not just the sound and the beat. Those are just supporting team.

However, I listen to another version of his songs this morning title “Sorry” where he narrated the stories surrounding his life, saying…

This kind life e tire me
Daddy no get salary
Ten years I no see money
Step mother no care
Landlord e dey worry
My brothers are hungry
Daddy gather money make I go poly
I go poly but I no go class daddy I am sorry

The first part of the song talked about the hardship his parents are facing, the maltreatment of his step mother, the landlord threats, his brothers staying all days without food.

Trust me, all these are more than enough for anyone to be mislead and get involved in anything just to change the cause of their lives and that was exactly what Mohbad did.

In the second verse of the Lyrics, he went on to say that…

I don dey do Yahoo
I don dey chop banku
Omo pastor ti wonu aye

He just made it clear that even though he is a Pastor’s son; all that is no longer matter as he had decided to be part of anything that can bring in money and eradicate poverty out of his family.

The third version of the lyrics hit hard on his parents and their failure as parents; saying

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Mummy just dey pray
Daddy just dey pray for me
Make e better for me
Me I no go school
Only thing I fit do
Music me I choose

Some parents are nothing but total disgrace to humanity. And if you are a parent and you cannot pay closer attention to your children and be sure of the kind of friends they keep and the things they do, then you are nothing but a disgrace.

Praying for your children is never enough, wisdom demands that you get fully involves in their lives and be sure of what they are doing that requires your prayers, so that you don’t end up praying for them doing the wrong things.

The last part of the song talks about he giving up on life and his total confusion of what life has in stock for him, saying…

This kind life e tire me
Eshi biri biri ke bo mi o
Iwaju loloko yi wa mi’lo
eyin sa loloko yí wa mi’lo
Mi o mo

Eshi biri biri ke bo mi o
Iwaju loloko yi wa mi’lo
eyin sa loloko yí wa mi’lo
Mi o mo

A confusing state of mind is a dead zone, a place of delusional and depression. A state where all the wrong things seems right even when you are so sure that whatever is flying through your mind is never the right thing.

I’d heard both parents talking about he giving them money, they’d never talked about he telling them or discussing with them of his challenges, fears, plans and future; that speaks volumes.

I’m sorry to say this, but his lyrics on this song, speaks more of his parents failing him big time. And if you are a parent, please pay attention to your children and be their closest friend.

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Not all the children that have the mental capacity to say no to what they believe is not right for them. Some of us are strong enough to walk away from anything and anyone we considered unhealthy to our wellbeing. Some don’t know how to.

Either way, parents, pay attention to your children, question their source of income and find out what the plans regarding their life is. It’s important.

It is well with us all.
Copied from Hajia Idayat Omorere Ajogberu
Sun re oooooo, Mohbad

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