The EFCC has confirmed the arrest of two alleged fraudsters at Skales’ home

The EFCC has confirmed the arrest of two alleged fraudsters at Skales’ home

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has issued a new statement confirming the arrest of two alleged fraudsters who were living in Nigerian musician Skales’ home.

This occurred when Skales accused the EFCC of forcibly entering his home.

Skales strongly condemned the EFCC’s conduct and referred to the group as a criminal organization.

The EFCC, on the other hand, posted photographs of the two suspects on social media in a subsequent announcement on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

These people are suspected of participating in computer frauds, notably dating scams, according to the EFCC.

They had been staying at Skales’ house and believed him to be their tutor.

The EFCC’s statement reads, “The suspects: Udemba Chukwuemeka (a.k.a Jody) and Jamal Jamiu Onasola (a.k.a. Jamal) were arrested at the residence of a musician: John Njeng Njeng (a.k.a Skales).”

“The two suspects, suspected of being involved in a dating scam, described Njeng as their “mentor”. While Chukwuemeka has been in Njeng’s residence for two years, Onasola has only stayed there for few months.”

The commission has indicated that the two individuals will face charges in court once their investigations are done.

This statement is in reaction to Skales’ claims that EFCC officials stormed into his home early in the morning, frightening his family, including his 6-month-old daughter.

Skales turned to X, formerly Twitter, to protest them, namely for injuring his producer’s leg.

Skales proceeded to vent on social media, releasing various video clips as evidence.

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EFCC agents were seen accessing the property and different residences inside the compound in these recordings. They were equipped with hammers and weapons, as Skales said.

The EFCC responded by emphasizing that their actions were based on the information they had received.

The EFCC has confirmed the arrest of two alleged fraudsters at Skales' home

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