“The audacity” -Uti Nwachukwu calls out Ghanaian Tiktoker Wesley Kess for ‘ste@ling’ his concept

Media personality and actor, Uti Nwachukwu has called out Ghanaian Tiktoker, Wesley Kess for stealing his birthday photo concept.

Uti Nwachukwu

Recall that last year 2022, Uti Nwachukwu celebrated his 40th birthday with soothing photos while listing his achievements. He was wrapped in a plain white cloth and a white headgear with a ring while light giving the image a glorious look.

A Ghanaian Tiktoker, Wesley Kess has shared a photo on his Instagram page with the same photo concept. It seems Uti is unhappy as he takes a swipe at the TikToker on his page.

He wrote;

“At first I laughed 😄. Cos what in da ‘what I ordered’ is this ? THE AUDACITY🤯
But it’s easy to Laugh when it’s not your sweat and brain power that has been taken advantage of to the fullest. My Photographer @idaraadiakpan_ /@sbdstudios_ is Livid ! THIS WAS ALL HER IDEA ! I was just her muse! IT WAS HER GIFT TO ME FOR MY 40th!! THIS IS PART OF HER LIFE’S WORK.

I’m all about inspiration 100 percent … But as a fellow creative, @wesleykessegh should know better than to STEAL A CONCEPT IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.
Come on bro. A simple message to my photographer and/or me would have sufficed!
This is straight up Intellectual Property Theft ! If she decides to sue you and your not so creative team : Photog @_imagestudios_ stylist @_osei_kwaku_esq , it’ll be sss. As taking it too far right ?

Wesley kess

Even a tag or mention honouring her might have been excused BUT ALSO NOT TOLERATED.
It is only in Africa that we keep getting away with sh*t like this.
I am heavily disappointed and yes a bit honored that after most of you Criticise and Ridicule and talk BS, Y’all go ahead and copy🙄

ON THE FLIP SIDE, yall probably did it intentionally, waiting for the backlash so that y’all can get attention and more relevance on the internet siiigh🤦🏾‍♂️ oh well. Welcome to the Nigerian Market. Enjoy the 1 week of attention.
If she decides to sue you guys, BEST BE SURE ID BE RIGHT BESIDE HER ❤️

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