Tacha, a reality celebrity, seizes a tricycle after it collides with her Mercedes Benz


Tacha Akide, a reality celebrity, has taken the keys from an aggressive Keke driver who smashed her Mercedes Benz with his tricycle.

The media celebrity turned to Instagram to vent her displeasure with Lagos drivers and their poor driving habits.

Overzealous Keke drivers apparently passed her and damaged her car in his haste.

Her Mercedes Benz’s front bumper was damaged in a video she published.

Tacha Keke tricycle car
Reality star, Tacha. Photo Source: Instagram.

Tacha, enraged, marched to the Keke driver and demanded that he hand over the keys to the tricycle.

Crowds of onlookers had come to observe the event, with some spotted attempting to repair the bumper.


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