‘Stop Pretending, You Need Help Yourself’

Some social media users have taken a swipe at veteran Yoruba Nigerian actress, Jaiye Kuti over her comment on her colleagues begging for assistance.

Earlier, it was reported that Kuti criticised some of her colleagues who came online to seek help from the public.

Kuti, in a video making the rounds online, expressed displeasure over the recent trend of veteran movie stars begging fans for financial support and car gifts online.

According to her, such an act is tarnishing and giving the Nollywood community bad names, stressing that it is high time movie stars stop the trend

She said that Nollywood is not a pension-based industry and that actors are supposed to prepare for their future during their young and active years.

She further implied that some actors begging fans online may have recklessly wasted their earnings during their younger days.

Her reaction follows a public appeal by veteran Nollywood actors and actresses such as Alapini, Iya Gbokan, and Lalude, who were recently given car and cash gifts from their fans after soliciting financial assistance online.

However, Kuti’s outburst sparked mixed reactions online, as some colleagues claimed it was disrespectful

But the actress in another video insisted that ailing actors can solicit help online, adding that healthy people should stop coming out to beg.

Meanwhile, some internet users slammed her, saying she needed help and was only pretending.

A Facebook user Orukotan Desmond Idowu commented: “This woman also needs help. She’s just pretending.”

Another Facebook user Chioma Orafu-AneneAnene also reacted, “You people don’t help each other, and you don’t want her to beg. It’s witchcraft.”

Emilad Emmani commented, “Begging is better than stealing. If you are ashamed of the begging, rush to their help immediately.”

Also, Olujede Oluwarantimi said “Pls what u cant do don’t blame those that are doing it , I ka o do gba, fingers are not equal.”

Diaro Adeyemi said “Since film industry is not doing the needful, anyone who need help should speak out & can come out on any platform, madam all finger are not equal ooo, if u r born silverspoon remember some people are not opportune……….”

Omojola Sunday also commented “Madam you are saying something reasonable but must you talk? I pray that you will not know what they called life Amen. The lord is your strength always Amen. Thanks for your understanding.”

Ola David, also noted that “Madam kuti or whatever your name is, you are bragging saying you are saving for tomorrow and criticizing the older ones for seeking help. You better pray you don’t see challenges that are beyond you because all the savings you think you have won’t be enough to take of it”

Dele Bamisaye said “Infact am totally disappointed in you.Your response has shown that, indeed TAMPAN is a worthless organization. Baba Alapini categocaly said he has used many cars before.But due to the storm of life, things turned the other way round. You are now madam perfect judge, the master planner. You need to mind your speech.Baba suebebe asked for forgiveness.No one is perfect.TENI TODE NI ARI.KOSENI MOLA.”

Another Facebook user, Dolapo Taiwo said “Madam you said well about saving for future,yes it’s necessary to plan for tomorrow, but remember only God knows tomorrow. Never condemn those old people, kolorun ko ran gbogbo wa lowo Amin”

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