Speed Darlington curses club goer who snatched two girls he wanted to take home [Video]

Rap star, Speed Darlington has laid hefty curses on a rich club goer who snatched two girls he wanted to go home with.

The United States based Nigerian musician who is currently enjoying his sojourn in the country relayed his recent encounter at a nightclub.

Speed Darlington lays curses on club goer.

He said that he had gone to have a nice time at a club when a certain Igbo guy took the two girls he had his eyes on.

According to Speed, he had wanted to take the two ladies home with him but the other guy had used his influence and greater status to convince them to go with him instead.

Venting about this, Speed Darlington said that the man will suffer in life for what he had done to him and his ride will get crashed.

Watch him speakā€¦

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