Some thinks: “Yoga” By Asake Is The Worst Song He Ever Made Since He Came To Limelight

With his latest single “Yoga,” Asake is back and better than ever. This folk-inspired West African-flavored piece demonstrates the singer’s flexibility while remaining faithful to his background with street lingo and Yoruba language influenced lyrics.

The addition of heavenly vibrations elevates the song to new heights, resulting in a distinct and intriguing listening experience.

Asake fans will not be disappointed by this release. The peppy and danceable song will get you moving and is a great addition to the artist’s catalog.

The accompanying video, directed by the talented TG Omori, is a feast for the eyes, capturing the vibrant and colorful essence of African culture.

However, and to be honest with you guys. I was disappointed by his latest release “Yoga.” While the singer remained true to his street lingua and Yoruba language inclined lyrics, the mixture of folk and West African flavors fell flat and failed to leave an impact.

The addition of celestial vibes felt out of place and didn’t add to the overall experience of the song. The colorful video, directed by TG Omori, showcased the beauty of African culture but could not save the disappointing track. I was hoping for better from Asake and this release falls short of expectations.

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