Skit Maker, Ashmusy Speaks About Her Wealth, Encourages Women To Do Cosmetic Surgery

Nigerian skit maker and brand influencer Amarachi Amusi popularly known as Ashmusy has opened up about her wealth and how she knew she would be rich and famous since she was 16.

In a recent interview, Amarachi disclosed that she always knew, she’d end up a star as she is very talented in acting and can fulfill any role given to her.

She said: “In my diary as a 16-year old, I wrote that I would become a star in Hollywood. That was even my dream. I am a very ambitious person. I have always known that I would be a very big star, and I am just starting. Acting is a talent for me. I can kill any role you give me anytime, any day. It is a huge talent that I have not even started showing off yet because it’s crazy in there.”

Describing the industry and its growth process, the controversial content creator said, “The industry is good if you are determined to push. But if you look at some things happening, you might be discouraged. If you look at some of the things being said about some people, you might be put off. But if you know yourself and have your goals, and you are determined to move and get that goal, you would get it. The industry is good. You can grow in it. You can make it successfully without looking at anybody or listening to what anyone says.”

Ashmusy who holds a degree in Medical Anatomy from Madonna University and has over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, also encouraged more women to take on cosmetic surgery, just as she did.

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Hear her: “First of all, I am not huge on cosmetic surgery. I had it just once and it was Liposuction, which is no longer a big deal to anyone anymore. It is just taking out fat from your tummy. I am not huge on it like you say. It just trended at a time. I am indifferent about it. I am not too keen. If you want to do it to gain your confidence and gain that good look, it’s fine. If you don’t want to, and simply want to exercise or love your body the way it is, it’s also fine. I am glad I did mine and I am good. To me fashion means looking good in your own kind of way. Looking good is good business basically. I like to look hot, sexy, chicky – it depends on the event. I really like to look good and slay to the highest.”

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