Simi speaks on the funny name Adekunle Gold calls her at home

Nigerian singer, Simi, has revealed the funny name her husband Adekunle Gold calls her at home as she advises netizens never to marry their best friend.

In a video, the mother of one who recently started putting on glasses shared the moment her husband referred to her as ‘Ojiugo’.

According to Yoruba folks, AG baby tried to taunt her over her new style of putting on medicated glasses at home.

In Simi’s reaction, she advised netizens never to marry their friends while noting that only friends can disrespect you after getting married to you.

In her words:

“I know you people are always saying marry your friend but the thing is that only your friend will disrespect you like this. So if you want respect and someone that keeps you on that pedestal, marry your fan.”

Watch the video below:

jasonsfoodsng reacted: “This is how hubby makes jest of my glasses too . It’s not fair, we didn’t ask for this, your babies caused it for us. Hubby calling me prof Ngozi okonjo-iweala.”

oluwafadererami said: “If it’s not like this, I don’t want!!! Imagine being with someone that doesn’t allow you be yourself!! Behaving like father figure and very strict. God forbid in Jesus name ooo.”

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