Reno Omokri: “There is no equality in marriage”

Nigerian author and social media influencer, Reno Omokri, has revealed that there is no equality in marriage.

According to him, men were built to be the head of the family in any marriage institution. He added that when a man asks a woman to marry him, he’s simply vowing to protect her, pay her bills and keep her safe.

He further stated that for a marriage to be blissful, the woman should always be submissive to her husband.

In his words:

“The happiest marriages happen when women choose, of their own free will, to marry men that they want to follow and obey. The unhappiest marriages occur when women choose to marry men they do not want to follow and obey. There is no equality in marriage.

“The husband should always be the head! When a man says to a woman, ‘will you be my wife?’ he is actually applying for a job. The job is to be her boss, pay her bills, and to protect and honour her. If you are not ready for the job, then do not apply for it! And if you do not want a boss, then do not accept his proposal. Forget wokeness. This simple rule will solve 90% of the problems in modern marriage.”

See his post below:

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