Reminisce Explained why he took a break from music

Reminisce Explained why he took a break from music

Reminisce, a Nigerian hip-hop performer, has revealed the reasons behind his deliberate departure from the music industry.

In an interview with Zero Conditions, the musician revealed that he prioritised his family over his work.

Reminisce, who made his long-awaited comeback with the release of his highly anticipated album “ATSG, Vol. 1,” said that his profession was eating up all of his time and that, although living with his children, he seldom saw or noticed changes in his house.

He prioritised his children over his work, taking time away from it to be present in their lives.

He stated:

“There were times I didn’t see my kids for 4 days but we lived together. When I get back, they’re in school…

“One of the reasons I actually did take a step back. Let me tell you this story. Some years back, my wife changed the entire setup of our house.”

“It was around that period when I was dropping albums every year and touring. My house painting was changed for almost two years and I didn’t notice.”

“That was when I realised that I need to take a step back and be will my family. Family over everything.”


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