Reaction as a model’s bum deflated while walking on a runway [Video]

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The viral video of a runway model who had her bum busted while walking the runway has received a lot of online commentary. The controversial Nigerian socialite Pretty Mike was one of those who responded.

She joined other social media users in commenting on a recent video showing a woman whose buttock implant became dislodged while she was walking the catwalk at a fashion event.The woman was seen moving down the runway with one strangely curved side of her buttocks and a low, straight side.Members of the audience could not contain their laughter as she bodily displayed her posterior in the spectacular scene.

Pretty Mike and some other Netizens criticized her on social media while speculating about the surgeon who performed her rear surgery.SEE REACTIONS BELOWprettymikeoflagos
Which kind wahala be thislife.of.obed
Gosh!! This is so embarrassingbrainy_goddess
Omo! She sit down on top pin?raylouisagha02
She for back the audience & stylishly hop backwards like Asake!!!….oge_veh_rah
It’s the catwalk for me with her fallen yashswag_omoluabi
She supposed arrest her doctor

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