Portable’s wife reacts after Ashabi declares being happy to share the music star

Portable’s wife, Zainab Badmus also known as Omobewaji Ewatomi responds to the claims by her rival, Ashabi Simple regarding being happy to share their man in the marriage.

Ashabi who is Portable’s fourth baby mama had stated that she remains untouched whenever the singer flaunts his wife, Zainab in response to online in-laws.

portable wife zainab
Portable and his wife, Omobewaji Zainab. Credit: omobewaji_ewatomi_oluwaferanmi / Instagram.

In her defence, the up-and-coming actress pointed out that Portable was already married and had multiple children with other women before her; hence, why she is not moved.

In response to the back-and-forth clarification from Ashabi Simple to trolls interfering in their, Zainab urged not to be involved in the online dramas.

She, however, encouraged social media users to avoid trouble while declaring herself fearless should in case she is confronted with one.

“Wahala, una too like violence on this app. Abeg make una no tab me on anybody post again. Leave Wahala for who get am. Idan no fear,” she wrote.

Portable's wife reacts after husband's 4th baby mama, Ashabi declares being happy to share their man

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