Portable rages after being sprayed dummy currencies at show (Video)

Famous Afrobeat singer, Portable Omolalomi, rages after being sprayed fake / dummy currencies at a show in Sagamu, Ogun State.


The superstar singer took to his Instagram page for a ranting spree while blaming the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari for being responsible for such desperation.

Portable cursed out the individuals behind the fake money sprayed on him at the show as he claimed to have been ripped off.

Portable rages after being sprayed fake money at show (Video)

“Igboro tii daru oooo use your last card buy kala🔫…..Central Bank of ZEH NATION loading………….money making machine ☠️ Bizza Bizza IKA OF AFRICA Wuwa IKA Se IKA Ko Travel… Ilu Ti Le ooo Wahala Wahala Wahala,” he wrote.

Many of his fans, however, advised him to meet with the event planners to convert the dummy currencies to actual money as it’s a new method other than the illegal act of spraying naira notes.

@we_are_the_empire_music wrote, “The event planner go change am for you, that is the money they spray now due to the cbn policy over new naria note. They also buy it from the event planner and you will transfer from the event planner back too.”

Another user @adokiye wrote, “It’s Vouchers. New CBN law. It’s not fake. Tell your manager to meet the Organizers of the Show, the amount of Vouchers will be calculated to the equivalent of the Money and it will be transferred to you right away. IT IS NOT FAKE 🙌❤️ 😂.”

Watch the video below …

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