Portable laments after jumping into crowd only for his wrist watch & gold chain to go missing be robbed

Controversial singer, Portable laments after he jumped into a crowd of fans during performance only for his wrist watch and gold chain to go missing.

In a video which surfaced online, the singer had been seen totally exhausted and confused by his misfortune.

“I no know whether na juju” – Portable laments after jumping into crowd during show only to be robbed of his watch, gold chain. Credit: Portable/Instagram.

Apparently, he had been giving a grand performance to his fans during a show when he decided, in his ecstacy, to jump into the crowd of fans.

Unfortunately for him, he was robbed of his belongings by fans who rushed at him.

He could be seen lamenting, saying that he doesn’t understand how it had all happen as he can’t find the gold chain and wrist watch.

Watch the video below:

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