Poco Lee: “Wiz slapped me with $100 for hyping him”

Poco Lee, a well-known dancer, and hypeman from Nigeria, has disclosed how the Afrobeat artist, Wizkid gifted him $100 in 2015.

Poco Lee generated discussion online when a video of his chat with renowned podcaster Adesope on Instagram went viral.

Famous dancer, Poco lee. Source: Google

Poco Lee discussed his friendship with Wizkid and the reasons he would always admire the Afrobeat icon throughout the conversation.

He recalled that the first time he spoke with Wizkid in person was in 2015, and he was fortunate that the musician passed by as he grabbed the chance to get to know the Essence crooner.

Poco claimed that he tapped Big Wiz on the shoulder as he passed by and that as soon as the singer turned around to see who it was, he simply began hailing the artist.

Wizzy, in reaction to the touch on his shoulder and hailing, dipped his hands in his pocket and paid him $100, despite the fact that he had no idea who he was from anyplace.

Poco stated that it was the first time he had seen a $100 dollar.

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