Phyna wins ‘celebrity of the year’ in the midst of family strife

Phyna wins ‘celebrity of the year’ in the midst of family strife

Phyna, the BBNaija ‘Level Up’ champion, is riding high on a rush of pleasure and thankfulness after being named “Celebrity of the Year” at the renowned La Mode Green October event.

Despite her personal struggles and family troubles, the reality star stood tall at the ceremony, smiling with pride as she accepted this incredible honour.

Phyna wins 'celebrity of the year' in the midst of family strife

Phyna revealed her deep realisation in a touching Instagram post, that one’s inner strength frequently emerges when it becomes the only option for survival.

She wrote;

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.

NAT – Celebrity of the year.”

Phyna took to Twitter to express her deep gratitude to the organisers of the La Mode Green October event, as well as her devoted fans and management team.

She demonstrated her unflinching self-assurance.

In Phyna’s words;

“Thank you La Mode mag for the award. Phynation here’s to another win for us, we still gather do dis one. E no easy make I no lie, but we will always come out on top.

“Thanks to my management for always doing an amazing job.
I’m beautiful, will always be.
I’m great, doing my best to be better”.

See below;


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