“People held me from beating her” Bobrisky narrates his side of the story, threatens Papaya Ex (Video)

Bobrisky, a well-known crossdresser, recently shared his account of the events that took place between him and Papaya Ex, a content creator and influencer.

According to reports from Kemi Filani news, the two nearly came to blows at an event the night before.

During the recounting of the event, Bobrisky indicated that he would have beaten her up but that other individuals prevented him from doing so.

If she didn’t have anything to worry about, he didn’t understand why she brought the police with her to the scene.

Bob admitted that he was so enraged by her behavior at the event that he wanted to rip the beads off her necklace.

He promised to engage in a fight with Papaya, whenever they cross path at any event.

Drama as Bobrisky loses his temper at Papaya Ex

This explanation was provided by Bobrisky several hours after he was made fun of by Papaya Ex and James Brown at an event.

The three friends went to the birthday celebration held for the child of a close friend or acquaintance.

Following through on his threats to lash out in rage at Papaya, the two nearly engaged in a fistfight with each other.

A video that went viral showed Bobrisky seated on one side of the event, with Papaya Ex standing behind him and supporting him.

Bobrisky, however, maintained his composure in the face of the stylish shade that the brand influencer and her crew cast his way.

However, the crossdresser wasn’t able to keep it together for very long before he started throwing his table water at her.

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To Papaya’s good fortune, the bottle did not collide with her.

In a different video clip, Papaya could be seen giving Bobrisky a mocking dance step while Bobrisky was attempting to maintain his dignity at the event.

The crossdresser was so enraged that he issued a warning to those who were recording him to stop doing so.

Beginning of their fight

On Saturday, November 19, Kemi Filani news reported that Bobrisky and Papaya had engaged in a verbal scuffle on several social media platforms.

The whole thing started when Papaya Ex made a snide comment about Bob’s forthcoming housewarming celebration to Papaya.

The invitations to the party that the content creator was throwing were sent out.

When it came to invites, Papaya Ex and Bobrisky followed a similar procedure. She also presented each of her visitors with a bottle of champagne, a glass cup, and other items in addition to the invitation card.

Recall that Bobrisky had sent out invitations in 2021 along with a gift basket that included a bottle of champagne, a perfume sample, and other items.

In light of the fact that the two share many characteristics in common, Bobrisky went on his social media website to criticize the socialite.

He ridiculed her attire, which he compared to an outfit worn at the LAWMA, and pointed out how she was imitating his methodology.

Bobrisky, in his arrogance, boasted that he is in the driver’s seat while everyone else follows.

Because he is already larger than she is, he urged her to cease battling against him.

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