Pastor Laju Iren chastises ladies who left suggestive comment on her love post to husband

Pastor Laju Iren, the wife of Pastor Emmanuel Iren, has extensively berated ladies who commented without discretion after she wrote a love post to her husband.

The clergywoman had posted her husband’s picture with a caption which expressed how much she missed him.
Some ladies on Twitter had taken to the comment section to leave comments such as ‘our lover’, ‘me too’ which she found upsetting.

She said that the current generation lacks indiscretion and is glad that her mum had taught her about boundaries.

Laju Iren ladies comment indiscretion

According to her, it’s not everything that comes to one’s mind that should be voiced; she urged ladies to reassess themselves and if they can’t, they shouldn’t bring their energy around hers.
She wrote:

“Posted my husband’s picture, and I said I miss you my lover.One lady commented, ‘Our lover’ another one said ‘me too.’ So grateful my mother taught me boundaries because what on earth is the lack of discretion in this generation?

It’s not everything that comes to mind that you’ll say. Shop in the book of Proverbs for common sense. Some people will post their dad’s pics online and Christian girls will say: ‘Can your mummy fight?’ What’s that? Like what on earth is that really?

Grateful to be married to a good man, grateful to be secure in my marriage. But as a Pastor, I’m not doing ladies a favour if I don’t mention things like this. Even if you don’t mean what you say, it says a whole lot about you! About the kind of person you are.

You don’t mean anything by it, but you don’t see anything wrong with it, and that’s the problem. People without boundaries easily cross lines because they have none. Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion. Proverbs 11:22.

Reassess yourself, and if you won’t that’s your business, but kindly don’t bring that energy around me or mine. My angels are many and they don’t play cute. Thanks.”

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