Nollywood Actress Motunrayo Shares The Only Thing Her Male Fans Like About Her

Popular Nigerian actress, Motunrayo Oluwakemi a.k.a Motunrayotohset, has stated that one of the things her male fans love about her is her boobs which make it very difficult to get their eyes off them.

The busty movie director made this known during a chat with Potpourri, where she shared some of her experiences with men, pointing out that it is pathetic how actresses are perceived by men and society at large.

Motunrayo narrated: “Some time ago, I was in Dubai and one of my fans got to know about it. He then sent me a message on social media, asking me to name my price. I was furious and asked him what he meant by that. He said I should understand what he meant, that he wanted to send me some money to come over and spend some time with him, I blocked him immediately. I am busty but then I know the only thing my male fans like about me is my boobs. They can’t just get their eyes off it.”

Speaking about how many actresses are perceived in this part of the world, the actress said: “I think the most challenging aspect of being an actress is the way people perceive us. The untrue assumptions are quite disturbing. Some people classify actresses as “runs girls” (pr*stitutes) in disguise and I think it is not appropriate to have such thoughts. For instance, I recently bought a new SUV and some people were quick to say it was my sugar daddy that bought it for me. It’s unfortunate that people think we can’t do good things in life through our sweat and without men. Aside from acting, I have a wine and jewellery store,” she added.

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The Owo, Ondo State-born actress who is an OND graduate of Business Administration from the Lagos State Polytechnic started acting in 2008.

Speaking on the challenges she faced while starting, she said she experienced both the ups and downs in the industry but she remained unshaken because of her passion for acting.

“I joined the movie industry in 2008 through Afeez Owo Group (Double A Entertainment). Getting into the movie industry was not a walk in the park for me. When I first came into the industry in 2009, the competition between actresses was much but I thank God I am still alive and doing well for myself”.

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