Nitezens Hails A Man As He Invents his own Aeroplane and a Drone ( Watch Video)

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Young man with Talents has gone viral on Tiktok as he invents his own aeroplane and also his drone.
In the video spotted by online, The man identified as Tsaguevidol operated the aeroplane with a remote while leaving the drone hanging in the air.
He has been applauded on social media for such a wonderful Invention.

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He collected N3,500 to Slimfit- Lady who got Oversized Khaki in Camp uses Clip to hold Trousers and Shoe (Video)

A Young Nigerian Corper has caused a stir on social media over her NYSC Khaki wear.
The lady identified as Arike disclosed that she had no choice than to wear it the way they gave her.
According to Arike, she said she later gave the Tailor in the camp to help her Slim-fit it, Instead he made the matter worse as it became bigger than she expected despite giving him a sum of N3,500 to do the Job and due to this, she had no choice than to use Clip to hold all lose parts in the trousers.

Watch the video below…….

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