Nigerian comedian, Erekere bought himself a Mercedes Benz

Nigerian comedian Olalekan Adeyemi, better known as Erekere, has made a purchase of Mercedes Benz amid his flourishing career in the comedy industry.

Erekere has recently gained popularity as another talented skit maker and comedian in Nigeria, drawing the attention of comedy lovers with his unique and hilarious style.

The video showing the Nigerian comedian and his newly purchased Mercedes Benz was uploaded on Instagram by a Nigerian named Salo, also called as funnyhorje.

Erekere’s character portrayal involves a thief who stealthily steals from unsuspecting victims, leaving them shocked and bewildered.

Often referred to as “Okeremecheichei alokolohun kígbe,” which translates to “One who makes the owner scream for help after he has left,” Erekere’s comedic talent has been winning hearts across the country.

His real name is Micheal Olalekan Adeyemi, and he hails from the town of Ila Orangun in Osun State, located in the South West region of Nigeria.

Erekere completed his education in Ila Orangun before furthering his studies at the Federal Polytechnic Ede, also in Osun State.

Erekere’s journey into the world of comedy began a few years back when he started participating in school plays and similar events.

Since then, he has pursued his dream relentlessly, honing his craft and creating humorous content that resonates with audiences.


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