Naira Marley’s Statement on Mohbad’s D3@th: Four Points to Consider

Almost three days after the death of Nigerian music sensation Promise Oladimeji Aloba, also known as Mohbad, the president of Marlian Records World, Azeez Adeshina Fashola, also known as Naira Marley, issued a statement on Friday night, September 15, to officially respond to the death and other issues that have arisen.

Some admirers of the late 27-year-old artist have linked the musician’s demise to Naira Marley, who signed Mohbad to his record company in 2019.

Samson Balogun, commonly known as Sam Larry, a music promoter and acquaintance of Naira Marley, has also been implicated to the killing of the “KPK (Ko Por Ke)” crooner.

As a result, most people who have been following the events since Mohbad’s death on September 12 and the singer’s “hasty” funeral on September 13 have been expecting to hear from Naira Marley. In an uncommon move, the “Marlians President” made a long statement on his Instagram page to clarify some of the rumours that have swirled since the evening of September 12 when news of Mohbad’s death broke.

Four key elements from Naira Marley’s Statement on Mohbad’s Death are listed below:

Naira Marley's Statement on Mohbad's D3@th: Four Points to Consider
Naira Marley’s Statement on Mohbad’s D3@th: Four Points to Consider

1. Mohbad was like Naira Marley’s brother.

Naira Marley began the statement by stating he is grieving the loss of the 27-year-old musician; sadly, no one can confirm that save his closest companions. However, the majority of Nigerian music fans will agree that the country is in sorrow. “the loss of an exceptional talent”.

However, it is a memorable headline because Naira Marley referred to Mohbad as “a brother and dear friend.” ” after the series of videos on the internet purportedly showing the late singer being assaulted by people allegedly sent by the “Marlians President”.

Based on speculations, the seeming war between Marley and Mohbad started in 2022 when the late singer who was signed to Marlian Records requested a “different manager to handle his music and business affairs”.

When the request wasn’t granted, the singer allegedly decided to leave the record label, a development that didn’t sit well with Marley and his associates. Hence, reports claimed that Marley sent unnamed people to beat up the late musician.

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If the beating Mohbad reportedly received from “boys” linked to Naira Marley is anything to go by, then most fans of the late singer would be stunned that Marley and his associates “are all heartbroken by his tragic loss”.

Marley also said in his statement that “no harm whatsoever was wished on Mohbad”, then, who was behind the “boys” that continually bullied the late singer until days before his sudden death? Well, like they say, time shall tell.

2. Promoted His Talent?

It would be more interesting if the “Marlians President” told the world how he and his associates championed the “talent” of Mohbad when he left his record label between 2022 and 2023.

He admitted in his statement that “No family is perfect, families have disagreements”, which means that truly all was not well between him and the late singer even when the singer was still signed to his record label.

So it may appear paradoxical that Marley and his co-hosts continued to encourage Mohbad’s ability when he departed the record company in 2022. Based on social media images, most supporters of the late artist witnessed Marlian Record making a concerted attempt to keep the late singer from continuing with his music career at any costs.

A viral video purportedly showed Sam Larry, Marley’s claimed sidekick, attempting to chase off Mohbad on a music video shoot including Zlatan Ibile, a fellow street pop performer, was a prime illustration of this. So, how was that promoting the late singer’s talent?

Since leaving Marlian Records in 2022, the only thing that has fully championed the singer’s skill has been his downfall.

His EP (Light), which was published in 2020, allegedly surged to third place on the Apple Nigerian music chart after the singer’s death was disclosed. Since September 12, his music videos on YouTube and other streaming platforms have received unparalleled views. As a result, it would be intriguing to hear Marley explain how Mohbad’s death was “a loss” to Marlian Records World at a time when the company might be generating more money from Mohbad’s ability than ever before.

3. A request for an in-depth investigation?

Naira Marley's Statement On Mohbad's Death: Four Talking Points

Yes! Thank goodness, the Nigerian police have stated their willingness to examine the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death, and it is heartening that the author of Naira Marley’s statement saw fit to add his/her ink to the plea for an investigation. “thorough investigation”.

Just like the Marlian Records, most Nigerian music lovers are “unhappy and unsettled with everything we have witnessed since Tuesday the 12th of September”. Hence, appropriate authorities should heed Marley’s call for an “investigation into the circumstances surrounding” Mohbad’s death.

Indeed, since September 12, there has been a barrage of allegations and counter-accusations over who is to blame for the singer’s death. Even the manner in which he allegedly died is shrouded in mystery.

According to some, he went to the hospital on September 12, and the hospital stated he had an ear infection and shot him, only for him to die the next day! Even though he was a Christian, a religion that allows bodies to stay unburied for as long as required, he was buried shabbily the next day.

Following his death, supposed recordings of Mohbad accusing his wife, Wunmi, of plotting to murder him went viral.

There are also viral recordings of Mohbad purportedly saying that if he died, Naira Marley and his cronies should be held accountable.

In the similar vein, there are viral recordings in which Mohbad claims that his bodily system has not been the same since the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) detained him (together with others for possession of illicit drugs like MDMA and cannabis) in February 2022.

Hence, everyone, especially the law enforcement agencies in Nigeria “owe it to Mohbad to assist with uncovering any foul play or injustice” concerning the death of the singer.

We have to leave it to the security operatives to find out the truth about all the speculations even if it means opening the “hearts” of everyone to see if truly there is a “permanent hole” in them as alleged in Naira Marley’s statement.

4. Gagging Technique?

The level of attention the manner of Mohbad’s death has sparked on social media has compelled Naira Marley and his companions to issue a statement three days after his death and two days after his burial. But it appears that the Marlians’ President is not pleased.

Yes, Mohbad’s death has become a highly sensitive matter, but why must it be the Marlians President who tells individuals who are upset how to react on social media? There is no need for a “gag order” from anyone as long as doctored photographs, films, or messages are not being shared in connection with Mohbad’s death.

In conclusion, just like Naira Marley said in his statement, “So many things” were left unsaid in this piece as we trust that the security operatives would do their “due diligence” to unravel all the question marks on the death of Mohbad. The 27-year-old late singer might not be as perfect as most of us, but he did his best to live his dream which was cut short by death. Hence, Mohbad deserves justice as much as he deserves “a better send-off”.

Below is Naira Marley’s Complete Statement On Mohbad’s Death

We grieve the loss of an extraordinary talent with sorrowful hearts. Someone who was more than just an artist or a signee; he was a brother and a close friend. Oladimeji Aloba’s “Mohbad” promise. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to his family and loved ones; we are all grieved by his untimely demise and will miss him much.

We knew from the start that Mohbad was a force to be reckoned with. His music brought so much joy and light to so many people. Mohbad’s sincere vocals, narrative telling, captivating grin, and enthusiasm moved us all. The news of his death has left a permanent void in our hearts.

Mohbad is an excellent street pop star who helped to establish Marlian Music.

Despite his departure last year, we never stopped praising his abilities. No family is perfect, and arguments occur, but no damage was intended towards Mohbad. There were many things left unsaid, yet the love was always present. This tragedy is a loss not only for us, but for everyone you influenced musically throughout the world.

As we share our condolences to the late Mohbad, we would like to echo a call for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. We’re unhappy and unsettled with everything we have witnessed since Tuesday the 12th Sept. We owe it to Mohbad to assist with uncovering any foul play or injustice. Our brother deserved a better send off, it saddens us that we couldn’t assist with providing a befitting burial. We will continue our efforts to reach out to the family.

We urge our colleagues in the media to treat this matter with the utmost sensitivity, respect and care. We publicly appeal to the authorities to do due diligence and we will work closely to support those handling the matter. Finally urge the online community to refrain from circulating damaging accusations that could compromise the investigation.

Yours Sincerely.

Rest well Imole, forever in our hearts. A Fashola aka Naira Marley


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