“Naira Marley is a criminal in the United Kingdom; human life means nothing to him,” says Tibetan Prophet


Prophet Tibetan, a Nigerian televangelist, has made various statements regarding Streetpop musician Naira Marley, causing great outrage online.

Prophet Tibetan revealed in the viral video that before Naira Marley returned to Nigeria, he was declared wanted in the United Kingdom for a variety of heinous crimes.

He also stated that the artist brought a large amount of dangerous hard narcotics into the nation, destroying the lives of many young people.

In his lectures, the preacher also said that the singer, although being fully aware of the immorality he is participating in, devised a way to acquire government protection.

"Naira Marley is a criminal in the UK, human life means nothing to him" -Prophet Tibetan says
Naira Marley, Nigerian artist and record label owner. Photo source: Google

These are the reasons, he claims, why human lives are unimportant to him. During his lecture, Prophet Tibetan also lashed out at Nigerian teenagers, claiming that it was they who bestowed upon the Naira the deity status that it had enjoyed until the recent death of his ex-signee Mohbad.

“Naira Marley is a criminal in London, but the youths fully accepted and praised him when he moved to Nigeria. Human life means nothing to him.” 

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