My private life is my business

Nollywood actor IK Ogbonna has said that his private life is his business and thus owes no one an explanation about his divorce.

IK Ogbonna

IK Ogbonna and his ex-wife, Sonia Morales got divorced a few years after their marriage in 2015. The former couple was blessed with a son. However, the news of their marriage crash started circulating in 2018 and by August 2019, Sonia confirmed the union was over.

Following his long silence over his divorce from his ex-wife, IK Ogbonna told The PUNCH in an interview that his marriage and divorce are his private life and doesn’t see why he should speak publicly about it.

In his words;

I have never said the cause of my separation, it has been all speculation and I would like the public to hold on to those speculations if they choose to do so.

“My private life doesn’t necessarily concern the world but, what I choose the world to know is what I make the public know about me. Things that don’t work out don’t mean I and the person would fall apart, or I come on social media and start saying these are the reasons why it did not work. It didn’t work but we are still friends.”

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