Mohbad’s wife is suspected of having an affair with her late husband’s manager


Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi Aloba, has been accused of having an affair with her late husband’s manager, just two months after his death.

Micee, a friend of the late musician, made the charges during an interview with the infamous blogger VeryDarkman.

mohbad's wife
 Omowunmi Aloba.

This comes only days after Micee came to Instagram to rage about Mohbad’s mistreatment at the hands of his wife while he was still alive.

Micee said in the interview that the late Mohbad had a disagreement with a manager named Tunde who made an inappropriate comment about how he is controlled by his wife. This prompted the ex-signee to rush to Marlian’s residence to confront the stated guy.


He also stated that Mohbad’s manager, who was having an affair with Mohbad’s wife, and that the singer had video evidence, which was corroborated by an associate of theirs.

“Mohbad went to Marlian’s house; he and his manager, Tunde had an argument when he told Mohbad, ‘I am not the type that is controlled by his wife.’ They are trying to hide stuff, I don’t want to mention names. There’s one of their associates, an old manager, he said Mohbad had videos and showed them; the manager would send video of her having stuff with his wife,” he said in part.


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